Surveillance and Alarm Systems

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Surveillance and Alarm Systems:

Our surveillance and alarm systems provide an innovative and professional security services company dedicated to protecting the clients assets onsite. We at ICG pride ourselves in adhering to client requirements, including safety, and providing sound advice and tested solutions. Our staff has unrivalled experience of all aspects of security for this industry from static guarding, dynamic access control and remote mobile patrolling. If our unique approach in the delivery of executive protection services is of interest to you for the purpose of creating a secure, luxurious, and comfortable environment for your transportations requirements- then we are the company for your needs.

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Surveillance and Alarm Systems

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In today’s climate, video surveillance and effective alarm systems have become one of the most effective tools in preventing and solving crime. At ICG, in conjunction with our other services available, we provide exceptional delivery of services by having a team of specialists in different fields of private security. 


ICG offers cutting edge video surveillance systems for all your indoor and outdoor safety needs:

            • Residential homes

            • Industrial and all types of commercial buildings

            • Construction sites

            • Retail and wholesale businesses

            • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs

            • Individual projects


Our equipment enables clients to remotely observe all activity “Live” in real time via Internet to verify the presence of employees, customers, vendors and monitor all areas of the building.

ICG is also an exclusive provider in New York metropolitan area of the unique alarm Smoke Cloak system, the most flexible and powerful security fog generators in the market today to protect your property. We can organize demonstration of the system upon your request and work out individual project with personal consultation in minimum term. 

ICG continues to grow and evolve with advanced and powerful technology to protect your property.We are committed to providing our customers with high-level, exceptional service at competitive prices.

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