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Professional Security Services

In today’s rapidly growing, changing and unpredictable world, security plays an important and vital role in all areas of business and private life. In our modern world, the role of security has become extremely important for everyone – individuals, families, small and mid-sized companies, large corporations and government agencies. One of most important concerns of any organization is 100% protection of life, property and business.

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Secure Transportation

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If you are visiting New York and need secure transportation services for you and your family, ICG Group is the premier secure transportation firm in New York State.

We specialize in driving and protecting individuals, as well as their guests and family members. While other transportation companies provide driving services, they do not provide drivers who have experience in security protection and are former law enforcement officials.

Our clients depend on us not only for their personal transportation when they visit New York, but also for us to drive and entertain their family members and guests throughout their stay. Individuals are able to enjoy a worry free trip to New York knowing that that their family members and guests are not only being entertained, but are also secure and excellently protected while they explore the great offerings of New York City and the tri-state area.

Each of our secure transportation drivers are extensively trained to provide you with impeccable service. Our drivers are in superior physical condition and meet military standards, maintain professional appearances, and possess excellent communication skills. They are trained in defensive driving, first-aid, security details, and are knowledgeable in the top entertainment and hospitality destinations in New York City and the larger tri-state area.  
While luxurious and comfortable VIP transportation service is a trademark service of our agency, we are known for our competitive pricing and strive to work within every budget according to your needs. Our clients instantly recognize the significantly superior quality and security of our transportation service - a service of excellent quality, high security, individually customized, VIP transportation service we deliver to all of our clients.

Vehicles available:

Standard vehicles: Chevy Suburban TLZ, Sedans
Luxury vehicles: Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bentley, Cadillac
Armed vehicles: armed drivers and bullet proof models are also available.

The qualitative advantage of ICG Group over other security agencies is our very lengthy experience in law enforcement, diplomatic corps security, and the hospitality and travel industries, in addition to our unique service delivery. If our unique approach in the delivery of secure transportation services is of interest to you in creating a secure and worry free environment for you and your transportation needs – then we are the firm for you. Should you also wish for VIP access and priority to special venues, then please contact us at anytime. We will be at your service.

If you would like to discuss your Secure Transportation needs and travel plans, please don’t hesitate to contact our Secure Transportation team at (877) 546- 6290 .

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