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In today’s rapidly growing, changing and unpredictable world, security plays an important and vital role in all areas of business and private life. In our modern world, the role of security has become extremely important for everyone – individuals, families, small and mid-sized companies, large corporations and government agencies. One of most important concerns of any organization is 100% protection of life, property and business.

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ICG’s management and security department teams are comprised of former law enforcement personnel, military special-forces personnel, former Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigations agents, and distinguished law enforcement officials from the New York City police department detective cadre. Every member of our management team brings over 25-30 years of high-profile security and protection experience. Our department experts are able to tap into their extensive law enforcement networks inside and outside of ICG to provide our clients with superior security services.

To ensure that we provide our clients with the best service, we have a thorough interviewing process with interpreters and operators who speak your native language.

First, when you email or call us, you will be put in contact with an operator who speaks your native language. The operator will take your initial information. If you wish, you can submit your information on our website in your native language.

Second, a member of the management team will speak with you about your security issues during which we will arrange a meeting for you with the expert and team best positioned to serve you.

Third, you will have a meeting with the expert and head of the particular department best to consult and prepare a plan with you.

We cater to a wide spectrum of clients and tailor our services to meet your needs, whether you are a member of the diplomatic community, a celebrity, a corporation in need of on-site security and surveillance, a small business wanting to implement a security system, or a private individual needing protection, investigative work or looking to establish a security system for your home, we can meet any security need and are able to work with budgets in all ranges.

Through experiencing the security services provided by our team you will discover not only the right solution to your security needs, but also enhance your own business reputation and standing. Our client base has been established by repeat business and referrals as our clients have become accustomed to and dependent on our exemplary and professional operating methodology and dedication to meeting their needs.

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