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In today’s rapidly growing, changing and unpredictable world, security plays an important and vital role in all areas of business and private life. In our modern world, the role of security has become extremely important for everyone – individuals, families, small and mid-sized companies, large corporations and government agencies. One of most important concerns of any organization is 100% protection of life, property and business.

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ICG Group was founded in 2007. The founder was able to establish a team of former law enforcement personnel coming from the Diplomatic Corps., retired New York police detectives, former Secret Service agents, retired Federal Bureau of Investigations agents, and experts in corporate surveillance systems. With their wealth of experience, the founder designed International Connection Group as a private security firm with experts to head departments in every area of security. Every member of our team brings over 25-30 years of high-profile security and protection experience.

Through our high level of experience, we have built our reputation of integrity and professionalism. We consider ourselves to be the most reliable company in the security service market. During the years, we have expanded with state of the art of knowledge, experience and technical support to offer the right services to our clients. We also have an experienced trial lawyer specializing in criminal justice and law enforcement, for legal support and consultation; another additional benefit for ICG clients.

ICG Group devotes extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing, and retaining the right employees to provide most qualitative and effective security solutions for our clients. ICG possesses a large network of effective employees in different areas of security, according to their unique qualifications and work experience. Each of our security officers meet current accepted military physical standards and can be placed according to the client’s individual preferences.

As security professionals from different fields, we have strong connections with our partners in state and federal law enforcement at different levels. This ensures you as our client will have access to the best protection the industry can provide.

ICG also offers exclusive security equipment; we are the only authorized seller of Smoke Cloak in New York state.
As a small, privately held company, we pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to offer personal attention and customized solutions, at highly competitive rates for our clients.

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ICG is excited for the 69th session of the U.N. General Assembly just around the corner beginning on September 16th 2014!


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ICG and ICG Entertainment are thrilled to present the first ever Sur America Unida Cultural Event and Diplomatic Community Celebration to be held in the Summer of 2013!


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ICG and ICG Entertainment are thrilled to present the first ever Birth of El Libertador Simon Bolivar Celebration to be held in the Summer of 2013!