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Professional Security Services

In today’s rapidly growing, changing and unpredictable world, security plays an important and vital role in all areas of business and private life. In our modern world, the role of security has become extremely important for everyone – individuals, families, small and mid-sized companies, large corporations and government agencies. One of most important concerns of any organization is 100% protection of life, property and business.

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Special Package for United Nations from ICG Security
International Connection Group is excited for the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly. We are fully dedicated to providing quality packages to the diplomatic community.

ICG is distinct from other transportation and security firms for many reasons. ICG has built a strong reputation for providing efficient and smooth secure operations for the diplomatic community attending the General Assembly sessions. A key element of ICG’s success is in our ability to coordinate with local authorities. This ensures that you experience easy access to every location and arrive at your destinations punctually with zero inconvenience. We also assist your embassy in coordinating with the Secret Service agent in charge of your visiting dignitaries. Furthermore, ICG’s drivers meet military physical standards, and are trained in executive protection, defensive driving, first-aid, and marksmanship. For your comfort and safety, we offer secure standard and luxury vehicles. Ordinary transportation companies cannot meet the sterling standards of ICG’s services for the diplomatic community.
Secure Transportation
There are many reasons why you should choose International Connection Group as your secure transportation provider. ICG’s drivers are retired police officers. Having a retired police officer as your driver ensures not only convenience, but heightened safety and easy access when you are traveling within New York City. Clients may also always request armored or luxury vehicles. Less than a handful of people in New York City have access to a brand new Maybach or Rolls Royce.

ICG does not charge more than any other transportation company. In fact, our final charges are the most competitive in the field because we do not take advantage of our clients like other transportation companies who abuse their clients with hidden charges and “inconvenience fees”. Not to mention that our insurance coverage is three times more than that of other transportation companies, for any event that may arise. This is just one more reason why ICG provides its clients with superior service.

The differences between ICG and other transportation companies are obvious, and the question is simple – why pay more for less?
Private Investigation
ICG is distinct from other private investigation firms for many reasons. ICG’s reputation for being detailed oriented, discrete and professional, and competitively priced is widely recognized. Our clients depend on our sharp solutions, persistence, and access to a wide variety of resources which ensure efficient and thorough results. We are the only company in New York City who has built a nation-wide private investigation network with investigators in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. Not to mention, ICG has intel resources in countries all over the world. We are known for our innovative strategies which combine good old fashioned tried and tested police work with the latest technology available.

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United Nations General Assembly 2014


ICG is excited for the 69th session of the U.N. General Assembly just around the corner beginning on September 16th 2014!


Sur America Unida and Diplomatic Community Celebration


ICG and ICG Entertainment are thrilled to present the first ever Sur America Unida Cultural Event and Diplomatic Community Celebration to be held in the Summer of 2013!


Birth of El Libertador Simon Bolivar Celebration


ICG and ICG Entertainment are thrilled to present the first ever Birth of El Libertador Simon Bolivar Celebration to be held in the Summer of 2013!